Mariah Walton

Owner and Lead Designer

Mariah started Simply Flowers in 2004 with a donated cooler and a $150.00. Her first client just happened to be one of her best friends and the rest is history. She has steadily grown Simply Flowers over the years with great customer service and an eye for detail.

  • Her faves- Her sweet husband and three beautiful children.
  • She loves swimming and water skiing.
  • Her favorite place is Hawaii. In particular, The Road to Hana. “The waterfalls are to die for!”
  • Her favorite part of the event industry is working with her clients and making their dreams come true.
  • Favorite flower- Any garden rose she can get her hands on.
  • Favorite quote- “If you don’t have time do it right the first time how will you have time to fix it?”

Taylor Delgado

Principal Designer & Event Manager

Taylor comes from the greater Los Angeles area, but grew up here in Fresno and Monterey, CA. She studied at California State University, Fullerton and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with an emphasis in Entertainment and Tourism Management. She brings 7 years of experience in the event industry working for organizations like Susan G. Komen OC, Disney Parks and Resorts, and Associate Student’s Inc.

Her faves- Enjoying time with her newly expanded family and a nice glass of champagne

Taylor is fluent French and loves visiting France.

She loves the satisfaction she gets from seeing her clients happy and working with unique flowers. “Everyday I learn something new!”

Favorite flowers- “Peonies of course!”

Favorite quote- “Don’t chase anything but shots and dreams”