Looking for a seasonal job during the holiday season? Simply Flowers is hiring! We are looking for two positions: a temporary, part-time floral designer and a temporary, part-time floral delivery driver. Positions available begin this December for the holiday season.

Qualified Floral Designer candidates must have the following:
-Background in floral and/or event design (Strongly Preferred)
-Creative and quick problem solver
-Self motivated and efficient worker; strong work ethic
-Team Oriented
-Strong communication skills and professional appearance
-Strong customer service skills
-Full availability on Friday, Saturday, and Sundays for event set-up
-Full availability for late-night pick-ups on certain event days (On rotation schedule)
-Valid driver’s license and clean driving record
-Able to lift at least 40lbs.
-Must be willing to work in all weather conditions

Qualified Floral Delivery candidates must have the following:
-Valid driver’s license and clean driving record
-Able to navigate using Google Maps, print-out directions, etc.
-Working mobile device able to send photos if necessary
-Quick problem solving skills
-Strong communication skills and professional appearance
-Able to sit in car for long periods of time
-Able to drive in all weather conditions if necessary
-Availability at least three days a week (Sunday – Friday)
-Strong customer service skills

We are a very professional and client oriented company. Teamwork is a must.

If you feel you qualify for any of the positions listed above, we would love to meet you! Please submit your resume, portfolio (for Floral Designer position), and availability to and we will contact you about scheduling interview.

Giving flowers for Mother’s Day is always a nice gesture. On our latest blog, check out some unique vases that will make your arrangement stand out from the rest. Every mom is unique and special, so learn how to give your arrangements their own personal touch!

Mother's Day Blog Post

Want to have something unique and fun to give to your party guests? Check out our blog on these fun DIY flower pot favors. Want more ideas? Make sure to check out our blog with California State Floral Association!

DIY Birthday Blog

Each month we help contribute to the California State Floral Association’s Blog and this month we did a DIY piece on how to make flower crowns.  Flower crowns are very popular these days not only for weddings, but family photo shoots, music festivals, backyard parties, etc… Check out the blog below and let us know what you think.


Wow! What a great way to kick off the wedding season! We had a great time at the Premier Bride Bridal Show last weekend and enjoyed meeting all of you.  We hosted two booths as well as a DIY clinic throughout the day showing how easy all of our packages are to assemble and what a FANTASTIC value they are.  Our booths were polar opposites of each other and we had a blast showcasing all of our designers amazing talent.  We went from upscale rustic to bold and bright!  We especially loved our bride made of flowers.

As a reminder, if you book us before 2/12/16 you can receive a free bridal bouquet (up to a $150.00 off) on any order over $1000.00.  Give our studio a call at 559-799-9525 to schedule a free consultation today.

we look forward to meeting with you.

janshow janshow2 janshow3 janshow4 janshow5 janshow6 janshow8 janshow9 janwhow10

We have recently partnered with the California State Floral Association to write monthly blogs highlighting all the fantastic flowers that California farmers produce in this great State.  Each month we highlight a particular project that anyone can do using all locally sourced products right here in California.  Be sure to follow all the latest happenings on their website at

Our first two articles are posted below.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed putting them together.


Its not too early to start planning your company’s Holiday party and Simply Flowers would love to help.

We have some great packages that are sure to fit any budget as well as early bird discounts if you book us before September 30th.  Give us a call or email us and we would love to send you the information you need or answer any of your questions.


CJ Hopper sent us these fantastic photos from a recent engagement session that we were fortunate enough to add floral for the occasion.  We loved the brides floral crown and her bouquet.  It added some great flair to the location and the couples down to earth attire.  One can only imagine how fantastic their wedding is going to be this Fall. Thanks for letting us be a part of your engagement session.  You guys look great.

For more photos of this engagement session be sure to visit



Everyday at Simply Flowers we meet with Brides and their families to talk about their wedding flowers.  They come in filled with excitement and bubbling with ideas about their wedding day.  They show me their Pinterest pages filled with lush centerpieces that have at least four dozen roses and hand strung orchids cascading down.  They show me bouquets filled with peonies and roses. Boutonnieres with hand-made details and ceremony décor that would make Karen Tran swoon.

But then when I present the estimate I see the light dim from their eyes.  The reality of their budget does not allow for all their lovely ideas.  What is a girl to do?  How can she still get what she wants without robbing a bank?  Well take a look below and see if our ideas can inspire you.

Bridesmaids Bouquets-

1. First off, let’s start with the obvious.  The more bridesmaids you have in you bridal party the more money you will spend on bouquets.  Limit the number of bridesmaids and not only will you have to deal with less “drama” but you will get to save money too.

2. If you really have to have 12 bridesmaids in your wedding party then consider having each bridesmaid wear a wrist corsage. There is a ton of fun jewelry your florist can create with which can also double as an attendant gift.  Corsages average between $20-$30 compared to bridesmaid bouquet which can cost an average of $50-$75 each.

3. If you don’t like the idea of a corsage for your attendants, then consider having them carry one type of flower in a single color.  For example, a dozen roses or sweet gathering of gerbera daisies.  This will lower the cost as you are only using one type of flower in one color. The more varieties and colors you add the more it will cost you.

Ceremony Décor-

1. When designing for your ceremony I always tell my brides that less is more.  You are only going to be there for a short while so there is no need to go overboard. However, if you feel like your venue needs a little sprucing up then be sure to have your florist try and “double dip” whenever possible.  Meaning, have them create pieces that can used at the ceremony and at the reception.  For example, if you are using an arch and having a swag as part of the décor be sure to tell your florist that you would like to use it on the head table afterwards.  This will save you money on the reception costs.

2. Ask the church or venue if they have any items you can borrow.  Often times brides have left items behind that they have kept to let their future brides and grooms borrow.

3. Get married outdoors.  Oftentimes, outdoor venues don’t need a lot of flowers since their location is beautiful enough.

Reception Décor-

1. This is where the bulk of your costs will be so it’s important to choose wisely. Again, the obvious choice here is to limit the number of guests you invite.  Fewer guests means fewer tables, which means fewer centerpieces.

2.  A lot brides say they will do their own centerpieces which they erroneously think will be cheaper.  While sometimes it is, but most often it’s not.  They wrongly think that buy using coupons, and shopping online they will get a better deal.  They forget about shipping costs, and don’t realize how expensive glassware and candles can be.  So if you insist on doing your own centerpieces first be sure to ask your florist if they rent their glassware.  This is almost always cheaper than buying and/or paying for freight.  It will also save you time on cleaning and prepping since you won’t have spend hours removing all those pesky stickers.

3. Mix your centerpieces between floral and non-floral.  By having half of your tables with a floral design and the other half with non floral you get the best of both worlds.  It also adds texture and dimension to the room.  A lot of floral companies and party rental companies have a huge selection on non-floral centerpieces that are available to rent.  Chandeliers, candelabras, globes, trees, lanterns, etc…are all great choices that will save you money.  Stay away from candles. They are deceptively “un-cheap”.

4. Check out Craiglist in your area.  Often time brides will post their unwanted items online that you can pick up for pennies on the dollar and because they are local you don’t have to pay for shipping.  Just beware of the sentimental bride who insists that the table runners her “Great-Aunt Grace” made are worth $20.00 each instead of the $10.00 you could find them for brand new online.

Tune in next week for more money saving ideas.  Until then I hope you found this article of some use to you. We welcome comments so be sure to contact us.



We are delighted to let all of our loyal customers and new fans know that we have now launched our “Bouquet of the Week” program.  Each week we will feature a new bouquet for purchase that will always be under $60.00.  We will have a limited quantity on hand so be sure to call as soon as it’s posted. Delivery and sales tax will apply, but of course we loved to meet you at the shop if you would like to pick it up.

We believe this program will benefit our customers in a couple ways.  By only be featuring one type of bouquet each week it helps eliminate the huge amount of waste of “dead” flowers that we don’t end up selling, which contributes to the skyrocketing costs of flowers these days.  Second, by eliminating waste it becomes Earth and drought friendly.  Finally, it helps love our jobs even more because it lets us have creative freedom to design some cool stuff for you, our customers.

We will always post the “Bouquet of the Week” on the event section of the website but it will also be listed on our Facebook page which you can find under, Simply Flowers Fresno.

Bloom Happy Fresno!

XO, Mariah and the rest of our fabulous design team.


For many brides getting married at a destination local they often pick vendors local to that area.  Mainly out of convenience but did you know that Simply Flowers loves to travel to all types of destination locations?  We’ve traveled to New Zealand, Lake Tahoe, San Luis, and many more locations for events.  Often times you will find that even with our travel fee we are more affordable than the florists at your venue in the destination spot.  Our most recent location was Lake Tahoe and the mother of the bride indicated that we had saved them thousands of dollars!  So if you’re thinking about hitting the beach, mountains, or beyond be sure to give us a call.  You’ll be happy you did.

Below are some pictures we did of our most recent destination event at the Edgewood Gold Resort in Lake Tahoe.  Thank you so much to for the amazing pictures and to our very own Jeanie Goossen for the first picture.



We had the pleasure of working with the CSU Fresno last week and were loved the baseball theme we brought to life.  We custom built the baseball centerpiece that was used in the foyer and it was hit when combined with the our sod covered table.  So if you are in need of some baseball themed props give us a call.  We are happy to help.


I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest.  I love that you can become inspired about everything.  From babies, to food, fitness, and of course weddings.  It’s amazing how many talented people there are in the world that are so gifted and generous with their ideas.  For that I LOVE Pinterest. However, there are days where I loathe it.  Especially, when it comes to replicating something that isn’t even remotely within a bride’s budget.  Some clients come into our offices with such high hope and excitement and then when you watch their disappointment appear on their faces as you see the reality of their budgets do not match the vision that was found on Pinterest.  I feel just awful when that happens. However with a little imagination and an open mind you can create a similar look for less.  Which is what we did for one of our favorite clients.  She was celebrating her birthday with an “Old Hollywood” themed event and she showed me the picture below.  The design is by Karen Tran and she is absolutely fabulous!  However, her designs are not for the budget conscious.  The image below is cost about $500.00 to replicate.  Wowzers!!!  But oh so very pretty.

So we created this version which was less than 1/2 of the original inspiration.  What are your thoughts?  Did we hit the mark? Or was it a miss?

IMG_0002 IMG_0003 IMG_0004

After driving an hour or so West through the heart of California’s farmland I found myself at the beautiful Cardella Winery last weekend. It is truly an oasis and absolutely stunning.  Their friendly and helpful staff make sure that each event is set up perfectly.  We had a wonderful time debuting our hand made mercury glass vases which paired perfectly with the soft pinks and green floral displays.  A huge “Thank you” to Mariano Friginal Photography for the gorgeous pictures.

image-0784 image-0804 image-0913 image-1037

image-1253 image-1265 image-1271 image-1282

We’ve added two more awesome collections available for DIY projects or let us help you arrange some awesome floral creations just for your event.


Our vintage bottle collection is available in clear, purple, green, amber, blue or pink.  Each color comes in 6 different patterns.  You can rent a single color or mix and match for a more electic vibe.  $10.00 per set.

Our pool collection is a mix matched set of various containers that is perfect for all those weddings who need to add a “blue” accent to their tables since we can’t find flowers in this awesome hue!  Each vase is $5.00 to rent.



Like most new Brides and family members planning a wedding, it can be overwhelming trying to set a budget if you’ve never planned a wedding before.  As a florist during the engagement season we meet a lot of clients who come in and have no idea how much things cost and either walk away extremely pleased or in a complete fog of “OMG.  Is that really what things cost?”

There are always options to trim the budget if need be as long as both parties are reasonable so don’t fret if initially your expectations were/are a bit off.  We came across this great article discussing the cost of average weddings around the US.  Hopefully, it will help some of you as well.

We came across this article and thought the advice was sound and wanted to share it with everyone.

As a tech savvy society we are always looking for some great new apps to help make our lives a little bit easier.  So it would make sense that as busy brides to be, one would want some great apps to help plan your wedding to help keep things organized and on track.  Below are a few of our favorites.  Tell us what you think by responding on our Facebook page at Simply Flowers Fresno.

The Knot.  This staple in wedding planning has what we think is one of the best out there.

We love the iWed planner. Especially for it’s budget calculator and seating chart assistant.

Pantone- This awesome app helps you create style boards and browse through over 200 colors to help you create the perfect vision for your day.  We also like how it has partnered with Dessy Group to help you coordinate bridal attire to everything else on your wedding day.

For all the android users out there, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered to.

For wedding planning, the Wedding Plandroid app is a winner.  Similar to The Knot’s and iwed planning apps but it get’s a bonus for the super cute logo.

One app that we found priceless is for anyone who might need help planning a speech for the big day. It cover’s all the bases plus it’s free!  Includes 50 prepared speeches in addition to helpful hints and tips.

Finally our favorite app out there is one that you can build yourself to create your very own wedding app that you can customize yourselves.  It’s sort of like your own wedding website but Yapp takes it a step further.  It’s still in the testing phase but is definitely worth a look.

Have fun and let us what you think about our recommendations.  We love to hear from you.



Here at Simply Flowers we love all things Christmas.  Walking down Christmas Tree Lane, watching the Clovis Christmas Parade with our children, decorating our home, and of course going to Holiday Parties.

If you find yourself in need of a hostess gift just give us a call.  We can create one-of-a-kind gift baskets or decorate a beautiful topiary for you to give.  Just give us a 2 days notice and we can whip up  a great gift for you.


Pots, ribbon, and baskets may vary.


We love Billy Ball’s but we don’t always love the fact that they come in one color only.  We love their shape, texture, and their reasonable price point.  But what to do if you don’t have yellow in your color scheme? Why not paint them?!  Let us know what you think.  Do you like or not?

This photo is what Bill Ball’s look like as Mother Nature intended.

This photograph shows what you can do to tweak things just a tad to fit inside your color scheme.